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Lisa Toban Marketing Agency was founded by CEO and founder of the brand You’re WORTH It, Lisa Toban. 

You’re WORTH IT was established in 2017 when the vision was provided to Lisa as she sat working in corporate America. The mission of the brand, You're WORTH It is to understand not only is the individual, organization, ministry, event, vision and goal worth customized care to ensure positive results and achieve successes for endeavors, but You’re WORTH It is a perspective, an attitude and a behavior. To learn that you can receive efficient, high quality and affordable services yielding positive results is to understand it is simply because you’re worth it. The agency serves to meet all digital marketing needs as a one-stop shop for brand development and management.

Within a couple years, 2020, digital marketing will be a leading industry. Businesses have to connect with the leading generation, Millennials. Therefore, companies are evolving their marketing strategies to ensure they remain top of mind for consumers. Lisa’s interest for digital marketing began with social media as a student leader at the University of California, Riverside when Facebook impacted cyber space and promoting events using a digital platform was more effective than print media. Now, almost 11 years later and what she thought was a mere hobby is now an actual industry. Services provided at Lisa Toban Marketing Agency are brand development and management, content, email, event, print and social media marketing.


This agency is a business unit connected to the brand You’re WORTH It.

Meet Lisa Toban

CEO and Founder, You're WORTH It and Lisa Toban Marketing Agency


Raised by Jamaican parents primarily in Orange County, California, Lisa Toban moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue her Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago. Her specialization for her studies was Leadership and Development in Social Services in addition to receiving an Advanced Certificate in Non-Profit Management and Philanthropy in 2014. Prior to relocating to Chicago, Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Riverside in 2011.

The discovery of social media marketing began as a mere hobby in 2007 while serving as a student leader on campus, promoting events on Facebook to increase attendance and engagement. However, the gift of marketing, creation and design was discovered in 2017. With no prior knowledge in graphic design, Lisa began creating personalized posts for her social media platforms. Later, she evolved with creating and producing content for her blog site, www.youreworthit.co and YouTube channel. Lisa included creating flyers for organizations and ministries and learned that there is a need to support other’s endeavors by way of digital marketing and providing customized services. Therefore, the vision to launch a digital marketing agency once was a business to primarily focusing on social media marketing for small business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations and ministries. Now, the agency has expanded its’ efforts by providing brand development and management strategies, content, email, event, print and social media marketing.  

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